Steelcase Gesture Chair

This revolutionary new office chair is designed to accommodate many different pure body positions and sizes, all while supporting and protecting the back and neck. Gesture utilizes exclusive LiveBack technologies which automatically adjusts to your body, mimicking the normal movement of your neck and spine.

The arm rests on the seat have been specially designed to allow for a variety of postures. One of the issues with many office seats is that they just don't offer you much freedom of movement. However, the body naturally affects positions on a regular basis to keep comfortable. By putting the arm rests further back, it accommodates this natural annoyance, offering you more positions where you are able to be supported. The arms can also swivel with 360 degrees of movement, literally encouraging your arms in any possible location.

Not only are you able to adjust the height of this chair, you can adjust the strain that it offers your spine. This can make the seat firmer or softer, …